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October 12, 2017
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February 12, 2018

Short Commentary on #D2R2017

First all let me say thank you to Citi Fm for the invitation.

Audience including yours truly was on time and the event also started on schedule
so they avoided the usual Ghanaian cliché of apologizing for late starts.
I think the Ghanaian audience is also starting to become more time conscious and
that’s good to see.

Score: 10/10


Adoma is Adoma; sultry voice, Afrocentric, smart costume choices, suave, extremely
talented. I could listen to her all day. She started the night with distinction. Simple,
classy, no long things.

Score: 8/10

Kidi is an extremely likeable and confident guy. He waltzed onto the stage fully
aware of his personality effect. Kidi actually got the audience to practically sing for
him. An artiste’s connection with the audience is all that matters. The sky is definitely
his limit.

Score: 8/10

Kwame Eugene
Kwame like Kidi is very likeable. He comes across as a bit shy. He kept it simple and
looked happy to be on stage. Pleasant performance and he can only grow from
strength to strength.

Score: 7/10

He started with songs that were not too popular and struggled to win the audience to
his side. He looked uncomfortable on stage. I am sure he will look back with his team
and strategize for 2018. I wish him well.

Score: 6/10


Adina’s stage craft was well planned. Her costume was on point and she looked
stunning. Her voice was on point and she put her best foot forward. She can only
grow from strength to strength.

Score: 8/10

Ms Vee
Ms Vee looked gorgeous. The only small blip is that she almost tripped on a wrap
which was attached to her dress but she later ripped it off. I loved her costume and attitude in
general. She was all business and determined to deliver. It was a good performance.

Score 8/10

Ebony is my favourite artiste for 2017 and I haven’t hidden that fact. She has more
hit songs this year than any other artiste. Ebony seemed subdued and I don’t know if
the many criticisms about her dressing are killing her vibe. There were also too many
dancers with her on stage. She was also clearly uncomfortable with her costume and
she kept pulling her dress. Her performance lacked fire! This was not my Ebony!

Score: 7/10

King Promise
He was the last act and when he was announced as the last act, the audience
started filing out of the auditorium. He reacted smartly by cutting out the frills and
quickly switching to his hit songs.

Score: 7/10

Fancy Gadam
Though Fancy Gadam performed immediately after Adoma, I am placing him last on
the list because he was the Lord of the night; He was the artiste that impressed me
most. Apart from Total Cheat, I didn’t really know any of his songs but his
enthusiasm, energy, stage craft blew the audience away. It was fun to watch him
from start to finish. All the talk about him is no empty hype at all and my admiration
for him has shot up. You could tell that he was born for the stage!
Score: 9/10

#D2R2017 always has a great audience. They rushed to the stage in multitudes
when invited to assist and they radiated confidence. They came ready to have fun.

Score: 10/10

The MCs were on point. Aj looked stunning, Osei Kwame was excellent as usual and
Bash was incredible. Bash….that guy was born to do what he does. Funny, witty,
extremely energetic, matured!

Score: 10/10

No long things.

The only drawback was the absence of Wutah. Afriyie promised to do live band and
get us floating in the air so I was eagerly looking forward to their performance. I was
actually saving all my dance moves for them so when King Promise was announced
as the last act it brought a massive anti-climax and got the audience to file out.
In future events, if a big artiste billed to perform will be unable to for various reasons,
it should be announced in advance to the audience to kill that heightened

Ps: Forgive me if I forgot to mention any artiste ….It means they didn’t make that
much of an impression on me.

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