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December 27, 2017
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May 15, 2018

Ebony’s demise and matters arising

I haven’t been able to post anything on social media since the sad demise of “my” Ebony.

I am the kind of person fixated with being happy that I am not too good at dealing with grief, especially “grave grief”. Moreover, I also didn’t want to see, hear or know anything about the various commentaries and when a friend hits me up to discuss Ebony, I politely say we should change the topic. If it pops up on Radio or TV, I quickly change channels.

I read about Ebony’s death at about 5:30am on a certain website; The website said they were unable to publish the pictures due to the gory nature of the accident. God bless the mangers of this site for the decision not to publish any picture even though they broke the news. I was in a state of unbelief so I googled it and found the story on Ghanaweb. When I clicked it I realized they culled it from the same site so I still disregarded it. My mind just said it couldn’t be possible!
I was getting ready to leave home for work when Citi Fm confirmed the news. I was numb! I was just mortified and horrified at the same time.

On my way to work various radio stations had started discussing the issue and I didn’t want to listen anymore. I decided it was time to shut down from all the Ebony news. I tuned my radio to Pluzz Fm and Kuame Eugene’s “Angela” was playing. My mind was befuddled and suddenly I thought I was hearing Ebony’s voice…. For the first time in my adult life, tears started flooding my ears…. right there in the East Legon underbridge traffic. All the emotions I was trying to block started streaming out. As AJ would say; “I tell you no lie”. I was grieving for myself, her mother and all those who loved her and believed in her.

Why did I like Ebony so much?

First of all, the closest I’d been to Ebony was when I saw her perform at Citi Fm’s December 2 Remember. I did a short article about the performance of the artiste’s on the night and mentioned that she didn’t impress me too much because she seemed subdued. Ebony’s Manager; Bullet was also my mate at St. Augustine’s College and a friend but we haven’t seen each other in a while. Let me add that knowing Bullet or Ras Tempo as some of us still call him is totally unrelated to my affection for Ebony.

Back to the question, why did I like Ebony so much when I didn’t have any personal relationship? I am the kind of person who usually roots for the underdog. I remember Bullet’s fight at the premises of TV3 in 2016 for inviting Ebony to some show and then playing only Nigerian songs. Ebony was still finding her feet then and suddenly just a few months later she explodes on the music scene.

I am someone who’s also a bit Afrocentric and in Ebony, I saw an ultra-talented, beautiful, bold, dark-skinned African queen prepared to take on the world. I loved her daring and confident outlook and the vulnerability in her sultry voice. I was her biggest fan and I knew she was only warming up. I couldn’t imagine what she could achieve with time and experience.
Apart from everything else, her songs were unique, different and intelligently written. I loved the dexterity with which her team used the twi language. My Ebony was just talented! She was on the verge of greater things and her death thoroughly breaks my heart!!!
Practically everyone in my immediate family is a fan including my daughter who sometimes acts jealous when i make noise about Ebony or call her beautiful. Later in the day my mum called to tell me she had fallen sick because of the sad news.

I had the confidence to write this yesterday when I visited my parents and after watching the Everton-Crystal Palace game with my dad, an Ebony tribute from Kwese TV just popped up on the screen and my dad also started talking about how sad her death was. I couldn’t ask him to change the topic or change the station so I just listened. Afterwards I picked a note book and started putting this piece together.

I know this piece is already getting long but I can’t help but delve into other issues.



To the so-called “pastors” who claim you predicted her death etc etc. I tell you, you are fake! You are all liars and evil people. When someone is popular you set your eyes on the person and throw all sort of useless prophecies about the person. If it materializes, you claim you saw it, if it doesn’t you claim you interceded. You are fixated with riding on the fame of people and for putting them in bondage. These pastors would say things about you and ask you to come and see them otherwise calamity would befall you. They entrap you and make you their slave. You see them as your god and master and believe you can’t live your life without their fake protection or navigate the mazes of life without their protection. All these pastors want is to tap into your fame or your cash and put you at their beck and call. They just want u to worship them! Unfortunately, we also have a gullible media that gives these people the platform to perpetuate the fraud. People! Open your damn mind cos this is definitely not Christianity!!!

Guys, listen. Ebony’s death was a fricking accident! It was dark, visibility was poor, road was bad, driver may have been over speeding and unfamiliar with the road. He saw a heap of sand or whatever it is very late and swerved unto an oncoming vehicle and the rest is history. It was an accident! Pure and simple!


It shocks me when I see the way we pay credence to all sort of theories. It shocks me to see how people follow all these pastors and spread fake prophecies around and believe them. It shocks me to see people who should know better fall prey to all these pastors. Why? Why the heck are we so fricking gullible!!!


Before I decided to go off social media, I saw a post about someone who implied that Ebony didn’t know Jesus and as such couldn’t Rest In Peace. I think that’s what broke the camel’s back. I wish I could enter the phone and strangle the guy! Why the heck are we so stupid, backward and hypocritical?
The fact that someone wears mini-skirt and you wear Kabba & Slit doesn’t make you holier than the person. Maybe you fornicate, lie, steal, gossip, bear false witness, are envious, has a devious heart and mind, you inflate jobs and take kickbacks, you refuse to do your job properly unless you are bribed, you escape from the office as soon as your boss leaves even though there’s work to be done. Yet you think you are holier than everyone because you listen to gospel music and wear kabba & slit.


The website that broke the story; failed to share a single image due to their “gory nature”. Though they broke the story online they were minded not to share any image.
Up till now I have not seen any image because when it popped up on some whatasapp chat, I didn’t download it and I deleted it immediately. Thankfully, I haven’t also been on facebook so I haven’t seen them.
Question is, what sort of stupidity is that? Why are we so fricking insensitive? What do you want to gain by sharing gory images? It absolutely doesn’t make sense and we need to open our bloody minds and stop that stupidity.

Rest In Peace My Ebony, My Fiery African Queen.

RIP My Ebony, the bold queen as fearless as the legendary Yaa Asantewaa.

RIP My Ebony, the ultra-talented artiste with the voice as powerful as the most powerful thunder and as calm as the cool breeze of the Nile.

RIP my Ebony, you breezed in, saw and conquered.

RIP My Ebony, from all of us who believed in you and loved you unconditionally.

Just Rest my dear, Rest In Peace.



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